My yoga mat is where I feel the sexiest and quite frankly I feel like a BOSS. 

Nothing is sexier than seeing your real self in that mirror, o.k. your real self but with water-proof mascara.

I faithfully practice Bikram. I live in black, love a blow out, and would rather die than have a chipped nail (Essie Waltz 3 coats). I pray at the church of Oprah, and binge watch reality T.V. #teamkhloe. 

Yet I meditate everyday...

They are not polar opposite and don't for one second think they are. Juxtaposed yes, opposite no. No matter what style of yoga you practice at some point your are staring at a mat. I wanted a stylish mat that inspired me, made me smirk, made me push to the next pose.

 I couldn't find it, so I created it.

I created it for my tribe.

It's called practice for a reason and some days just getting into the studio is a mini-victory . Let a yoga mat with STYLE and motivation be part of the reward.  

It's not uncommon for me to say a prayer as I walk home from Bikram Yoga L.E.S. "Universe please let there be a cold bottle of Sauvignon Blanc in the fridge.” If you chase your vodka with coconut water and the only B words in your vocab are Beyoncѐ and brunch YOGA BOSS is you.